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Tip Use the "+" and "-" keys to increase or decrease the level of a building or unit.
Building Legend:
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Research Points

Package Production
Continuous Production
Alliance POI Bonus

Upgrade Cost
Change in total production (from upgrade)
Change in total production over Upgrade Cost (Higher is better)
ROIReturn on Investment - Time it will take for your building to pay for itself (Lower is better)
Combat Legend:
vs. Infantry
vs. Vehicles
vs. Aircraft
vs. Defensive Structure
vs. Base Structures

Unit Health
Maximum Range
Minimum Range


This tool is designed to help players of the game Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances optimize their base resource production, plan their defense more effeciently, and analyze their offensive strategy against a particular base.

Using the "Link" button in the upper right hand corner of the tool, you can also easily share your base layout with other people by copy/pasting either the Short Link (good for 90 days after the last viewer used the link), or the Long Link (good forever).

This tool is intended to be used in conjunction with the "C&C:TA CNCOpt Link Button" GreaseMonkey script, available from the following places:

Once installed, the CNCOpt link button script will allow you to quickly open any base (within your bases' attack range) in this tool by simply selecting the base in game and clicking the new "CNCOpt" button. Alternatively, you can layout the base manually, but that's pretty tedious, so unless you have to use something like Internet Explorer which doesn't support GreaseMonkey scripts, you should consider using the above script.


Auto-Optimizing your base

Once you've opened your base, you have a number of things you can do. First, you may want to re-optimize your base layout using the "Re-Optimize Base" button on the left hand side of the tool. You can drag and drop the resources below the button to specify which resources you consider to be most important. There is some randomness used within the optimization algorithm, so you may want to click the button a few times until you come up with a base you really like. Tip: You can click Undo / Redo to go back to a base layout if your newly optimized bases aren't turning out as well.

Figuring out which buildings to upgrade first

If you're looking to figure out which building to upgrade first, hold down the shift button - this will put an overlay of what buildings give you the highest increase in production per upgrade cost. The number displayed is the increase in production / upgrade cost ratio, so the higher the better. The highest values will be highlighted in green, so generally speaking upgrade the green buildings first.

Sharing your base with others

Using the "Link" button in the upper right hand corner of the tool, you can easily share your base layout with other players by copy/pasting either the Short Link (good for 90 days after the last viewer used the link), or the Long Link (good forever).


  • Drag and drop the Resources below the "Re-Optimize Base" button to change the preference of what resources you want optimized
  • Clicking the Re-Optimize Base building can yeild different results for the same settings, try it a few times!
  • Use the hotkeys to place and remove buildings and units quickly
  • Hold down shift to see a quick map showing the best upgrade value for buildings
  • Name your base using the box in the upper left (optional)
  • Load a Forgotten base to see how much loot (research points, tiberium, crystals, credits) you'll get from destroying the base.
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[2013-09-28] 1.7.1

  • Added support for the new economy

[2012-12-21] 1.7.0

  • End of the Mayan world release
  • Added better support for large numbers
  • Can show weapon ranges per type now
  • Updated level 50+ calculations to reflect game changes
  • Added ROI stat for building upgrades

[2012-07-12] 1.6.2

  • Added default building level field
  • Added button to remove all buildings from the map

[2012-06-30] 1.6.1

  • Fixed continuous power calculation bug (thx blabla2000!)
  • Fixed shift-overlay so it lines up with the grid again (thx blabla2000!)

[2012-06-30] 1.6.0

  • Added legends for icons used
  • Updated interface to be more clear and easier to use (hopefully)
  • Updated data to align with the latest 361439 game build
  • Swapped continuous / package production lines to match the games ordering
  • Added checkbox to toggle showing unit ranges
  • Added alliance bonus information for your own cities (and those of your alliance)
  • Updated resource calculations to match the formulas used in 361439

[2012-05-25] 1.5.0

  • Updated data to align with the latest 358293 game build
  • Added supply totals
  • Building, defense, and offense unit counts
  • Re-ordered forgotten base resource rewards to match the order the game uses
  • Fixed Silo energy upgrade cost bug

[2012-05-12] 1.4.1 Beta

  • Forgotten Mammoth / Scrub unit letter conflict fix
  • Changed Nod offense unit letter for Black Hand to z to match defense

[2012-05-11] 1.4.0 Beta

  • Added Nod support
  • Added defense range overlays
  • Added offensive unit layout & info

[2012-05-09] 1.3.0 Beta

  • Added undo/redo buttons
  • Added health, attack, and range info
  • Special buildings try to go back to their original spot now after re-optimization